Online personal training or group class training sessions are 45 minutes

One online session $45

Five online sessions pack $215 ($43 per session)

Ten sessions pack $400 ($40 per session)

Train online together for $10 extra per session per extra person

Join a weekly online group class training for $10 per session 

  • Every Tuesday 6pm online pregnancy training 

  • Every Tuesday and Friday 1pm online postnatal training

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Virtual training offers guidance and support to allow you to feel great without any travel or having a trainer at your place.

If you live remotely or rather not have a trainer at your place, Jumps for Bumps online personal training is a perfect and suitable service for you. It offers you an excellent high standard training without any distance, place or time limitations.

If you want to train, but personal training is not something your budget allows, why not join a weekly online group class? The same personal approach, with workouts created to cater for what you need no matter how fit, pregnant or non-pregnant you are.



Get ready

Preparing your body physically and mentally before your pregnancy is ideal, your body will go through many phases during the pregnancy and is constantly changing during both pre & postnatal stages. To be able to rely on skills and exercises you mastered before your pregnancy will help you to be more relaxed and able to safely exercise without any doubts.


There is no reason to stop moving

Being pregnant is something to be proud of and something that should be celebrated. To be able to enjoy this temporary moment in life, exercise and an active lifestyle can help you have a wonderful pregnancy. Being active and strong throughout your pregnancy will help you with the physical changes in your body as well as making everything as comfortable as possible for you and your baby.



Recover, get stronger and feel your best

Your body has been through a lot before and after delivering your baby and now it is time for recovery and building back up your strength and fitness. This can be challenging when at the same time you want to focus on your new born baby and everyday life that has changed your previous routines completely.


Nory is the best personal trainer you can possibly wish for.  
She is kind, skilled, patient and she knows what she's talking about.  
She has a great package of expertise, coming from her study and former job as a physiotherapist.  
Her personal approach and social skills ensure a good balance during the training.  
She takes time to 'bond’ and to really look for personal needs, in order to make the training even more fitting for the client.  
I started online training when I was eight weeks pregnant and because of my 'basic’ condition, we started off with good, strong and sometimes tough exercises, exactly what I needed at that moment to keep my body active and my muscles strong. Now I'm thirty-two weeks pregnant and am still training once every week. Nory manages to challenge me, with fitting exercises to keep my body strong and mobile. She explains the purpose of the exercise during the training and she shows me how to perform it even though it’s online. Also, she explains why some exercises better not be practiced while pregnant, which gives me a safe feeling. The secret, I believe, lies in the variation of the workout. Every week is a total new experience, with new exercises and ‘great talks’.  
I always look forward to the training, and I would recommend this to everyone whether in person or online, pregnant or not it's the total package that fits perfect.”