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Sorry, there are no training sessions available until August 2024, due to my own pregnancy and maternity leave.

All sessions are 45 minutes

In home personal training

One session $75

Five sessions pack $340 ($68 per session)

Ten sessions pack $620 ($62 per session)

Train together for $15 extra per session per extra person

Do you live outside Christchurch, get in touch about the price

Online personal training

One online session $45

Five online sessions pack $200 ($40 per session)

Ten sessions pack $350 ($35 per session)

Train online together for $10 extra per session per person

Professional and individually designed 45 minute workouts made for you.

The unique option to train at home in person or online with an experienced and qualified trainer, while you don’t have to worry about travel, finding a baby sitter, buying equipment or think about your appearance. Jumps for Bumps personal training is a secure, fun and very effective way to feel good, happy and proud of what you're achieving on an everyday basis.



Get ready

Preparing your body physically and mentally before your pregnancy is ideal, your body will go through many phases during your pregnancy and postpartum journey and is constantly changing. To be able to rely on skills and exercises you mastered before your pregnancy will help you to be more relaxed and able to safely exercise without any doubts.


There is no reason to stop moving

Being pregnant is something that should be celebrated! To be able to enjoy this stage in life, exercise and an active lifestyle can help you have a wonderful pregnancy. Being active and strong throughout your pregnancy will help you with the physical changes in your body as well as making everything as comfortable as possible for you and your baby.



Recover, get stronger and feel your best

Your body has been through a lot before and after delivering your baby and now it is time for recovery and building back up your strength and fitness. This can be challenging when at the same time you want to focus on your newborn baby and everyday life that has changed your previous routines completely. You don’t have to try to align the time of your workout with your child’s nap time, at Jumps for Bumps we love to have babies and toddlers playing on the floor with us during the workouts, and if you need to stop for a quick feed or cuddle that is totally fine!

I recommend Jumps for Bumps for any new Mum! I started training with Nory when I was 6 months postpartum and three months later I now feel strong, toned and fit - all thanks to Nory! She creates specific workouts to target exactly what you want to focus on and keeps things fun, interesting and challenging every week. She's also fantastic with my daughter Georgie who is a very active wee girl and often wants to be picked up or played with during the workouts. The online sessions are brilliant too, I was amazed at how I really felt like I had a PT in the room with me. If you are thinking about how to get fitness back into your life with a baby, you should absolutely contact Jumps for Bumps!"


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