Pre & postnatal training

Whether you are preparing for pregnancy, are pregnant or postpartum, this phase in life is an exciting time. Regular exercise helps during these stages to make you feel happy and energised, to prepare you for labour and helps to recover sooner after labour.



I'm Nory, the Jumps for Bumps trainer, and I will come to your house and bring everything you need for a training session that is tailored for your needs as an expectant mum or a new mum. This means that you don’t need to worry about the logistics of having to go somewhere or finding a babysitter, I’ve got you sorted even if that means that I count your repetitions while bottle feeding or holding your baby. 
Together we will discuss your goals and start from there to work on what is best for you and your body while preparing for pregnancy, during your pregnancy or post birth. 
With the knowledge and expertise as a personal trainer and my background in physiotherapy, all pre and postnatal sessions are designed to make you feel safe and focus on the changes you’re experiencing during pregnancy or postpartum.



All training sessions and massages are specifically tailored for you



Professional and individually designed 45 minute workouts delivered to your home.

The unique option to train at home with an experienced and qualified trainer, while you don’t have to worry about travel, finding a baby sitter, buying equipment or think about your appearance. Jumps for Bumps at home personal training is a secure, fun and very effective way to feel good, happy and proud of what you're achieving on an everyday basis.

If you don't want to train by yourself, invite friends and join each other to train together.


Virtual training, offers guidance and support to allow you to feel great without any travel or having a trainer at your place.

If you live remotely or rather not have a trainer at your place, Jumps for Bumps online personal training is a perfect and suitable service for you. It offers you an excellent high standard training without any distance, place or time limitations.

If you don't want to train by yourself, invite friends and join each other for an online training session.


Jumps for Bumps massages are there to give you a chance to relax, release tension and to create a moment for yourself. To make you feel most comfortable the massages can take place at your home, or in the cosy Jumps for Bumps massage room in Sydenham.

Using a pregnancy massage bed Jumps for Bumps massage provides an ideal solution to be able to lie on your tummy while easing sore muscles whether you are pregnant or postpartum.
Jumps for Bumps also provides massages for every-body, as everyone can do with a massage.


"I recommend Jumps for Bumps for any new Mum! I started training with Nory when I was 6 months postpartum and three months later I now feel strong, toned and fit - all thanks to Nory! She creates specific workouts to target exactly what you want to focus on and keeps things fun, interesting and challenging every week. She's also fantastic with my daughter Georgie who is a very active wee girl and often wants to be picked up or played with during the workouts. The online sessions are brilliant too, I was amazed at how I really felt like I had a PT in the room with me. If you are thinking about how to get fitness back into your life with a baby, you should absolutely contact Jumps for Bumps!"