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Inspire a generation 

My name is Nory and I have reached the age where many of friends and relatives are thinking about pregnancy, are pregnant or postpartum. Because I am a personal trainer with a physiotherapy background I am often asked what to do or not to do when it comes to exercise. 

This made me realise that very little is known or available about how to stay fit or how to exercise safely during this very special period in a woman’s life. Even though around 80% of all women globally will become pregnant at some stage, staying active and fit while protecting your body and the baby isn’t always easy. Many could do with a little help or guidance.

I’ve been working as a personal trainer and massage therapist at Limit Zero, a private gym in Christchurch, since May 2017. Prior to this job, I worked as a qualified physiotherapist in The Netherlands.

Throughout my career I’ve seen many women struggling with physical problems in different pre and postnatal stages. However, I never realised that I could play a vital role to actually make a difference not just for those whom I know personally, but for many more women.

That was when, in July 2020, Jumps for Bumps was born.

With a lot of support and encouragement from friends, relatives and my partner I realised that it was time to start training and helping women in this extremely exciting phase of life to give them what is most valued, a good feeling throughout their pregnancy and beyond. 

I am a keen runner and love to spend time outdoors. I am very passionate about getting people active in some way, and I love to offer help where it is needed most. 

Bachelor Teacher Physical Education (June 2012, The Netherlands)

Bachelor Physiotherapy (June 2014, The Netherlands)

Qualified personal trainer (May 2017, New Zealand)

Qualified pre and postnatal coach (July 2020, IFPA)

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